04 December 2015

It's my 44th Birthday Today

Visited Ean last weekend. And have had a wonderful time with my little niece and nephew. See how adorable she is... and the never ending Birthday song. 

I'm 44. Can't imagine how quick time passes by. 

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y    T O    M E !  

what do I achieve ?  well from a soft weak girl I am now a stronger woman, from not able to do a kneeling pumping now I can do 10 complete pumping easily and going .. and from I couldn't even complete a 1 km run now I run 10km in 62minutes .. from a frequent lay on bed migraine patient now I rarely have a headache .. from one who not willing to wake up for the day now wake up 6am everyday without alarm clock kicking start the day with yummy breakfast .. will continue to enjoy my cooking enjoy my work and enjoy my workout! 

And. here are some latest changes to our home ..  

added a photo wall at the entrance hallway

done two new paintings 

little deco in the laundry 

above our shoe cabinet

entrance from the garage
Hope you guys like what we have added to our home. 

Have a wonderful weekend !

21 October 2015

Finally Here We Are ...

After long sought, here we are .. HOME 家.

It's now one and a half month since we moved in 1/9/2015, lots of work have been done. re-painting the wall, changing floor board, clearing the garden .... fixing up cupboards, tables ...etc. and still there is still a lot to upkeep .. here are some in progress photo.

my first gazania flower in the garden bed 

my studio in the garage, where lightboxes, pendant lights, paintings are developed
airplant gift from sis ;)

little book collections

my office ?! :) 

bare garden bed still need some love

petunia gifts from our lovely agent

garden bed in back yard, still needs lots of work here to remove the weeds

entrance from laundry. lovely little gift from my sis

messy patio .. need a garden shed to home these

first birds of paradise ! 

little home sweet home another passage of our story ... 

 In this one and a half month, besides upkeep our home, I have been busy with our online shops, Bingkai  and Warnaa.  More and more custom order requests, there has been some challenging one but all worked out perfectly. Happy customers.  :)

Also we have booked our flight to Penang for Chinese New Year this 23/Jan and also have booked the mid year trip too in July. Can't wait to see my family. First time, that I am away from family for more than one year.

I promise to share more photo of our home when she is more ready.



p/s: Oh yes let me share with you what I am listening now .. Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplane

24 August 2015

We're Moving Again ...

Hi All,

Life is full of excitement. And, best of all you won't know what is next awaits you.

Last year this date, we were packing in Geelong and moving to Gold Coast. And, this year today we are packing again but this round we are moving in to our own place here in Gold Coast.

workshop has been all cleared and packed ready to go! 

We are too excited ! We will have our own wall where we can put nails to it to hang our artwork wherever we want ! Love to have the freedom.

This is a little milestone that we achieve so far after arriving in Australia. Yay!

Well, I will share more photo of our new place soon.

Wish everyone has a productive week ahead!