25 September 2014

Everything Feel So Good!

Hi All

Wishing you a beautiful morning!

Things are shaping up slowly and we are feeling good!

First to share is I sold my original peacock textured acrylic painting, "Flourish" over the weekend. And am totally flattered with the comments from the buyers :

"Wow. I just love it. Thank you so much. Your so clever. Kindest regards Karen"
and on Etsy review, Karen has also wrote me a beautiful review:
"Very fast delivery. Well wrapped. The picture has exceeded my expectations. Its exquisite. Can't wait to buy another. This artist is very talented."
That is the best return to get when you paint and someone somewhere just told you how they love it!

And, next to share is, we are having our spare room listed up on AirBnb.com.au. We have been using airbnb service for most our travel, like their motto saying "Go anywhere, stay for less!". So if you are traveling in near future and look into planning a unique experience why not hop over to airbnb.  Here is Airbnb $28 credit for you to spend --> www.airbnb.com.au/c/cteoh1

And if you are interested in checking up our room here are some photos to share with you: 

For the first two weeks, we have been having travelers booked in from Singapore and my hometown Malaysia coming to stay with us. Welcome to our little home.

And, last to share for now is our little home studio, which is still taking its time to shaping up.

There's much much more going on, we're overwhelmed! 

And hope you've enjoyed my post, please share your thoughts with me. 


14 August 2014

Guess What?! ... We're Moving to GOLD COAST, Queensland!

After 1 year and 10 months in Geelong, we are moving again! Though I love living in Geelong, but it's time to move on for the next stage of life.

Seems like 3 years in Australia, we have stayed in 3 different states. Start with ACT, Victoria and now Queensland.

We have chosen Gold Coast in Queensland. I think its beauty of nature and relaxed lifestyle would suit us. Have been visiting Brisbane, but not sure if we could cope with the busy city life.

Eng has been started getting some sub-contracting job in Gold Coast and leaving me alone here in Geelong. How easy he just get by .. haa.. always be the clever one.  Here I am alone packing and packing and packing in 10/12 Cedar Grove, Highton; selling most of our furniture and keep only personal effects, some really old albums, books, my artworks and Bingkai's collections. Which we are going to fit all in Belingo! hmm.. I am still cracking my head on how to make this possible. Eng will be back on the 23/8 to join me. Finalizing on our lease here, then we will be making a big drive from Geelong to Gold Coast.

Oh yes, last weekend I have a little walk from Rutland Street to Pakington Street. Looking back on how Bingkai started and moved out from Rutland St. Heart feel sinking ... though the move means another good start but still it is hard ..

So Bingkai Geelong is all starts here. ..  this number to call.

And.. Bingkai last seen here in Rutland Street, Newtown, Geelong.

And next ... we will be in Gold Coast! 

New photo to be posted soon ... 


30 April 2014

New Work : Mysterious 13 x 30 inch

Hi All, 

Welcome back! Have been really excited on this piece. Abstract, mysterious, deep sea odyssey or outer space perhaps .. just me .. my mind has been going flying away. 

Getting my feet back on earth ... ;) .. life is still going on here in Geelong. It has been 1.5 years since we moved here. Since then .. we are busy running Bingkai, exploring around the region (Barwon Head, Portarlington, 12 Apostle, Apollo Bay, Ballarat, ...), away for couple of family visits, creating a few new products (i.e. recycled timber frame, light boxes, chalk board etc. .. check us out at Bingkai Etsy, please if you can follow us...  ), trying new food (i mean cooking new recipe, I promise will try to share them here soon.) .. ;)  lots of attempts and trying in this new life. Honestly speaking it hasn't been easy. But it is a chapter of my life that puts my life to a different passage. 

Let me share my new work here, hope you will like it. 

Mysterious - Long Acrylic Original Texture Painting on Canvas by ChingTeoh with Frame 33 x 76 cm / 13 x 30 inch / Blue Aqua White Silver

Mysterious - Long Acrylic Original Texture Painting on Canvas by ChingTeoh with Frame 33 x 76 cm / 13 x 30 inch / Blue Aqua White Silver

13 x 30 inch
Buy It Here

Love to hear what you think ..

Life goes on and on .. ;) wouldn't mind a little bump sometime haha !

ching xoxo